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Union Shipping


Our Philosophy

With our quality people and advanced information technology, we are dedicated to offering the best international and domestic logistics services and networks that enable our customers to make “All the Right Moves” in their supply chains.

We provide our customers with full control and visibility both in choosing the best-in-class service providers and in managing their own supply chains. Our reward comes from the satisfaction of our customers and associates; we strive to become a vital link in our customers’ business success.


Ocean Freight

Union Shipping & Logistics takes care of your ocean freight and logistics needs. We deliver broad and comprehensive portfolio of services beyond Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container (LCL) freight transportation. Our OceanPlus is offered to expand beyond “Port to Port” ocean transportation services provided by carriers and the NVOCC.

Our FCL services support single to multimodal FCL shipments. Our centralized contracts with first-class carriers enable us to offer you optimum pricing, schedule flexibility and service quality. Our master co-loader strategies to run the service in-house enable us to offer better service consistency, reliability and transparency for any LCL shipment, from a single LCL shipment to the buyers’ consolidations from multiple countries.

To offer a one stop shop solution, we also provide the below in addition to freight rate.

  1. Multi-country Consolidation.
  2. Multi-modal Transportation.
  3. Customs Clearance / Brokerage.
  4. US Importer Security Filing.
  5. Cross Border Trucking.
  6. Documentation Management.
  7. Warehousing & Distribution.
  8. Special Handling.

Supported by our world-class office and information infrastructure, the Union Shipping & Logistics ocean freight services are featured with:

  1. Access to services from multiple carriers.
  2. Regular departures.
  3. Single point of contact for all your global needs.
  4. Local expertise and dedicated customer service.
  5. Competitive and flexible pricing and terms.
  6. Equipment and space protection with carriers.
  7. Shipment visibility and reporting via MyPodium-OceanPlus — our web-based customer window application


International Logistics

International Supply Chain Management: As market changes rapidly, your supply chain and logistics management has become increasingly significant in staying competitive in business. Union Shipping & Logistics provides a single point of logistics management and information control for your global product flow. We focus on the total logistics process, striving to integrate all aspects of physical cargo movement, vendor and document management, information flow and visibility.

We offer a range of options that meet the different needs of our customers in the entire supply chain. Customer can choose the different service options that serve their supply chain needs. This provides flexibility in optimizing the different aspects of your supply chain in response to the dynamic needs and changing environment. Our services include:

– Origin Vendor Management
  1. Purchase Order Distribution.
  2. Work-in-Progress Tracking.
  3. Shipping Label Print.
  4. Shipment Booking and Follow-up.
  5. Commercial and export documents, including ePacking List and eCommercial Invoice.
  6. Vendor KPI.
– Carrier Collaboration
  1. Space Forecast
  2. Spot Rate Procurement
  3. Carrier Allocation
  4. Booking and Documentation
  5. Carrier KPI
– Cargo Operations
  1. Truck / Container Haulage
  2. Cargo Consolidation
  3. Pre-shipment Handling, e.g. quality inspection, labeling
  4. Warehousing and Distribution
– Customs Brokerage, e.g. ISF-10
– Supply Chain Visibility and Cost Control
  1. Order and Shipment Tracking via PODIUM®
  2. Payment Audit
  3. Landed Cost

We keep our customers abreast of the changes and improvements in international logistics services and techniques. For each service option, Union Shipping & Logistics has a set of well developed operation process and procedures. They focus on improving your efficiency and finding the hidden opportunities in your supply chain to make you more competitive.

Through our International Supply Chain Management services, customer will be benefited from:

  1. Improved operation efficiency and cycle time
  2. Product quality and consistency
  3. More savings in administrative, transportation and logistics costs

Union Shipping & Logistics helps you differentiate yourself from your competition by insuring that you reach your markets ahead of the pack.


Warehousing and Distribution

To serve our customer supply chain requirements, Union Shipping & Logistics owns and partners with a network of best-in-class warehouses to handle various commodities, including raw material, finished product, and temperature-controlled goods; providing bonded / Customs supervision when needed.

Apart from simple storage, we also provide many different services at our warehouses:

  1. Cross-docking and transloading
  2. Kitting
  3. Lot/date code tracking
  4. Parcel management
  5. Pick & pack
  6. Pre-pricing, re-labelling, ticketing/tagging
  7. Sorting/sequencing
  8. Sub/light assembly
  9. Quality inspection
  10. Salvage disposal reporting

Our award winning self-developed Warehouse Management System (WMS) accurately monitors and controls all warehouse processes, communicating with our customers and their supply chain partners on the inventory level and warehouse activities in real time.

To meet your specific business needs and objectives, our professional and experienced team works with you on the below:

  1. Warehouse sourcing and design
  2. Operation and process design
  3. Labour management and optimization
  4. Customised management and control
  5. Specific reports for operation monitoring


Freight Forwarding

Union Shipping & Logistics provides freight forwarding services for ocean and air cargo. As your global logistics partner, we offer comprehensive forwarding services that bring efficiency to every link in your supply chain. Our cargo import and export services range from carrier booking, B/L preparation, customs declaration, to overall shipment coordination.

We work closely with major freight service partners to offer you a wide range of carrier choices. Our extensive global network links you to every principal trade lane worldwide and contributes to the success of your business.


Domestic Transport

At Union Shipping & Logistics, we aim to provide you with “all the right moves” by offering the most efficient and cost-effective mode of transport. With our own fleet of equipments and partners, we can help you move your cargo by lorry, container truck, feeder, rail and barge.

Our services covered:

  1. Single and multiple modes of transport
  2. Full and less than truckload transportation
  3. Regular barge/block train in selected countries
  4. Temperature controlled transportation
  5. Milk-run operation
  6. Standard operation process, monitoring, and control


Customs Brockerage

Failing to meet the Customs formality is not just costly. It interrupts your supply chain and may result in prosecution in some countries. Appointing a trust-worthy Customs Brokerage provider that knows your business, local legal and regulatory issues well is hence critical.

At Union Shipping & Logistics, our in-house team of specialists provides Customs brokerage services via our own Customs Brokers and also our handpicked Customs brokerage partners. They have thorough understandings on all local regulatory and legal issues, and are able to assist our customers to achieve better cost effectiveness in Customs-related procedures.

Our services in the area included:

  1. Product classification
  2. Customs declaration and clearance
  3. Bonded transfer and transportation
  4. Fiscal representation
  5. Customs status monitoring and report

Union Shipping & Logistics ensures maximum accuracy through our established system linkages with local Customs wherever possible, e.g. AES, ISF-10, Dutch and Belgian Customs, ATLAS, NCTS, etc.